Etaoin Shrdlu "Brown Sabbath"

Etaoin Shrdlu 'Brown Sabbath'
Harkening back to the days when progy-post rock bands named themselves after mathematical and scientific theorums, Etaoin Shrdlu ("the approximate order of frequency of the twelve most common letters in the English language" according to their myspace page) is a quartet of Southern Ontario math-rock veterans. Featuring members of Weights and Measures and Rockets Red Glare they have come to rock you in a complicated, yet compelling manner.

Released in a beautiful brown cardboard stamped with red foil sleeve by Standard Form on Tuesday, the group's debut Mating Calls pays homage to post and noise rock gods Slint, Don Caballero and Jesus Lizard with tracks like "Yow" and "1995-1997."

With its clever title, "Brown Sabbath" is an easy standout before you've even heard a note. The track itself starts with a steady crawl, slowing building and crashing as the band displays a respect for dynamics that Ozzy and co never had.

Listen to "Brown Sabbath" by Etaoin Shrdlu here.