Esser "I Love You"

Esser 'I Love You'
Once there was a band named Ladyfuzz from London, England, that were very close to making it in this column. What prevented them from getting featured was, well, a good enough song. Every time they’d release a single, it was always just shy in the quality department for me to justify giving them ink.

Fast forward a year after their virtually unnoticed demise, and the band’s drummer Esser has not only surpassed his past band’s achievements with his very first single, but he’s built himself a niche that he can really flourish in — something Ladyfuzz were unable to do with their done-to-death synth pop.

Bound to earn comparisons to bedroom wunderkinds like Jamie T and Tom Vek, Ben Esser, as his mum named him, uses D.I.Y. measures to concoct his ditties, which he describes in full as: "I use a computer machine and some instruments to make popular songs. Most of my songs are in the key of E.” He’s signed to Merok, who launched the careers of Klaxons, Crystal Castles and the Teenagers, so judging by the track record, Esser’s future is looking bright.

Single "I Love You” (out next week in the UK) is the type of oddity that BBC Radio One will swoon over and a-list immediately. The rimshot-heavy, yet slacking rhythm worked for acts like Simian and the Beta Band a decade ago, while the repetitive chorus is bound to makie it a repeated, "ironic” Valentine’s reissue in the coming years.

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Esser "I Love You”