'The Equestrian Vortex' Score from Peter Strickland's 'Berberian Sound Studio' Gets Release via Death Waltz

'The Equestrian Vortex' Score from Peter Strickland's 'Berberian Sound Studio' Gets Release via Death Waltz
Death Waltz Recording Company has announced the second instalment in its recently unveiled Death Waltz Originals series, a re-imagined score to Berberian Sound Studio's film-within-a-film The Equestrian Vortex from experimental audio artist Andrew Liles.

While a soundtrack to director Peter Strickland's horror film Berberian Sound Studio, about a 1970s-era sound engineer crafting a spooky score to a giallo film, was done by Broadcast, this latest release specifically homes in on the sounds of the fake film The Equestrian Vortex.

With a plot surrounding a witches coven situated beneath a riding academy, the Equestrian Vortex score has Liles inheriting the role of Berberian Sound Studio's Gilderoy (a.k.a. actor Toby Jones), stringing together ghostly, "ethereal drones" and the sounds of actors from the film reading "bizarre incantations."

Death Waltz describes it like this:

A tale of a coven of witches presiding under a riding academy, the film has been hailed by both critics and detractors as one of the most disturbing pictures ever made, with much of the credit going to the film's soundtrack. Supervised by director Giancarlo Santini and created by sound engineer Gilderoy, The Equestrian Vortex is less a score and more a journey into the unconscious, where ghosts swirl with ethereal drones as screams echo into the night. Adding to this is the conspiratorial dialogue from actresses Silvia, Claudia, and Elisa, reading bizarre incantations that unleash the full horror of what lies beneath. We dare you to come out unscathed from the bloodcurdling terror that is The Equestrian Vortex.

Samples from the set have not been unleashed, but the soundtrack went up today (September 22), with the record set to arrive in a limited-edition 10-inch pressing on a blue and yellow swirl on October 14.

News of the soundtrack comes in the wake of the UK-based Death Waltz having announced that it had been acquired by Texas soundtrack specialists' Mondo.