Epic & Nomad Epic & Nomad

Epic’s newest release is a collaborative effort with Belgium’s Homesick Nomad of Cavemen Speak, and Maki, the BC DJ/producer behind the prog rock meets hip-hop sound prevalent on this self-titled album. In fact, Nomad’s sing-song raps and simple social accusations on "Time Flows By” conjure vivid images of Frank Zappa. And then Epic’s slice of life observations and always controversial voice and flow create an interesting counterpoint; plus the occasional baritone appearance by Cam the Wizard is a nice added touch. As well, Nomad brings along Siaz, his rap partner in Cavemen Speaks, for a couple of songs, and Canadian DMC Champion DJ Brace adds some subtle cuts to the end of "Another Left Wing Peace Song.” Other highlights on the album include Epic’s cautionary battle track "Certain Radius” and the two posse cuts "Act On Stage,” a groovy series of approaches to rapping live, and "From Canada to Belgium with Love,” an operatic production of which Nomad quite rightly raps, "soso made this beat so fresh.” As a final collaborator, Thesis Sahib captures the vibe of the album with his bleak, organic artwork. Epic & Nomad is a successful, interesting and entertaining meeting of three minds. (Clothes Horse)