Environmental Comp Snags Feist, Deerhoof, Of Montreal

Environmental Comp Snags Feist, Deerhoof, Of Montreal
Green Owl Records, a new environmentally focused artist-run label out of New York has pulled together an impressive array of talent for The Green Owl Comp: A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition. Feist, Deerhoof, Muse, Of Montreal, Bloc Party, Pete Yorn, Asobi Seksu, Earl Greyhound and a slew of others have lent rare, live and remixed tracks to the compilation, which 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the youth-led Energy Action Coalition. In addition to two tasty audio discs, the comp features a DVD of video exclusives, including an interview with EAC co-founder Billy Parish.

Starting April 8, the collection will be available for purchase from the Green Owl Records website.


Disc One:
The Appletrees - 'Look up to the Sky'
Feist - 'Honey Honey' (BBC Session)
Harper Simon - 'Henrieta'
Young Love - 'Underground'
Muse - 'Knights of Cydonia' (live)
The Exit - 'Hey Man'
Of Montreal - 'Feminine Effects'
Pete Yorn - 'Old Boy'
London Souls - 'Someday'
Citzens Band - 'Fortune Teller'
Violens - 'Trance Like Turn'
Bloc Party - 'The Prayer' (Hadouken remix)
School of Seven Bells - 'Trance Figure'
Deerhoof - 'Plus 81' (BBC Session)
Juliana Hatfield - 'Back To Freedom'
Satori - 'Intimate Revolution'

Disc Two:
The Bad Plus - 'Casa Particular'
Carina Round - 'Hookah'
Asobi Seksu - 'Strawberries' (CSS Remix)
Dragons Of Zynth - 'Xerathyn'
Earl Greyhound - 'This Tree'
The Appletrees - 'Messin Around'
A Place to Bury Strangers - 'Never Going Down'
State Radio - 'Camilo'

The Appletrees - 'Messin Around'
Young Love - 'Underground'
The Exit - 'Hey Man'
Satori - 'A Clear View'
Violens - 'Trance Like Turn'
Rebecca Schiffman - 'Penguins and Igloos'
Interview with Billy Parish