Enuma Elish When Above

Enuma Elish is a duo based around Boston that plays music that could be described as "global free groove hybrid." This project takes samples from Africa, China and parts elsewhere, loops them and augments them with woodwinds and drums. If you're into Lights In a Fat City or Jon Hassell, this would appeal to you. These guys aren't trying to ape the musical styles of the samples original source, rather they use them for compositional direction, and there seems to be pretty heavily structured sequences allowing each musician to explore mostly textural ideas. This applies especially to reedist Warren Jones, who is able to mimic Middle Eastern horns without feeling compelled to play lightning fast solos, although he can cut loose, as on "Universal Dave." Yuri Zbitnoff's drumming is a little rigid for my taste, although it's certainly accomplished and precise. Both rely heavily on sometimes cheesy but always endearing effects, broadening the sounds of their instruments to massive effect; this is global groove music that stops well short of becoming a parody of someone else's culture. The sequencing and electronic composition and effects processing are well done and more than overcome some of the non-swinging playing. (Lithiq Inc.)