Entre Rios Idioma Suave / Sal

Argentinean trio Entre Rios are relatively unknown on these shores, but Darla has now re-released both of their albums to ensure that a stop is put to their obscurity immediately. The team of Sebastian Carreras and Gabriel Lucena create electronic ecstasy based on their love for the past and future, merging swingin’ ’60s pop with lush programmed landscapes. Singer Isol’s breathy vocals are nothing short of heavenly; bursting with sweet Spanish words that will hypnotise you into thinking you’re fluent in the language. Idioma Suave, their 2002 debut album, originally released on Spanish label Elefant, is of the utmost elegance. With reference points to everyone from Burt Bacharach, Nancy Sinatra and Saint Etienne, the music is also fairly experimental with its presentation. Lucerna adds effects like reverb, delay and complex loops to ensure that this isn’t run of the mill synth pop. Sal is an even more explorative piece of music. Building on the established sound of their debut, the sophomore record doesn’t venture into unfamiliar territory, yet there is a lot of modernity thrown in. Glitches and clicks, along with more complex drum patterns and darker skies, make it slightly less easy to swallow; but still, there is an overwhelming amount of sugar to devour. With bonus tracks and .mpg videos included on each disc, it’s hard to pick a favourite, so the best advice is to get both. (Darla)