Ensign Bassist Nate Gluck Diagnosed with Cancer

Ensign Bassist Nate Gluck Diagnosed with Cancer
There's some sad news to report from the world of hardcore, with it being recently revealed that Ensign bassist Nate Gluck is currently battling cancer in his stomach and esophagus.

The diagnosis was revealed to the public yesterday (January 8) through the group's Facebook page, which noted that their bandmate, who performed on albums including 1997's Direction of Things to Come, 1999's Cast the First Stone and 2003's Love the Music, Hate the Kids, is quite ill.

"Nate recently got some news that nobody ever wants to hear," the band wrote. "Nate is the heart and soul of Ensign, and through this band's long and chaotic existence has always been the driving force pushing us to play shows, to write new music, to not rest on our past accomplishments but to keep going and be a better band tomorrow than we were today."

A fundraising campaign was launched yesterday by Gluck's friend and neighbour Jenna Ross to help pay medical costs and provide some extra financial aid for his family. According to Ross, "Nate is barely able to eat and will be beginning chemo and treatment really soon," and Gluck and wife Christy's financial situation is "dire," with their New Jersey home having faced foreclosure.

Already, the campaign has yielded over $60,000, with an update from Ross now saying that the family home is safe. Remaining funds will go towards medical bills and other expenses. You can find out how to contribute over here.