Eno • Hyde Release "Augmented Reality" App for 'Someday World'

Eno • Hyde Release 'Augmented Reality' App for 'Someday World'
Brian Eno has been behind several mobile apps over the years, with the focus being on allowing users to create their own music. Now, he and collaborator Karl Hyde (of Underworld) have released a new interactive app, this time with a more visual basis.

The app is simply called Eno • Hyde, and it's available through Warp Records for both iPhone and iPad. It was created by Lukasz Karluk and creative studio Toby and Pete as an interactive companion to Eno • Hyde's new album Someday World.

It features the Eno • Hyde song "Strip It Down" as a soundtrack. According to the product description, it "takes the classic analogue medium of vinyl and fuses it with AR (augmented reality) technology, allowing fans to use their iOS device to watch and explore as new 'outsider architecture' metropolises spring into life around their record."

This means that it uses the your device's camera to recognize vinyl copies of the album and create a cool-looking digital environment. For those who don't own the wax, there's also this web-based recreation of the centre label.

See the app in action in the video below.

The app is free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Someday World is out now on Warp.