Eminem Returns with Epic "Campaign Speech"

Eminem Returns with Epic 'Campaign Speech'
Though he brought his legendary Slim Shady LP to cassette and hustled bricks from his childhood home to his most diehard fans, Eminem isn't solely transfixed on the past in 2016. As the United States presidential elections draw nearer, Slim Shady has imagined what the world would be like if he were president with "Campaign Speech."

Running just shy of eight minutes in length, the surprise track makes use of no drums, leaving the emphasis entirely on the MC's vocals amidst a few minor beat switches. The self proclaimed "Stegosaurus, Chuck Norris with a thesaurus" outlines his platform as follows:

If I was president
Gettin' off is the first order of business
Once I get in office
Second thing that'll make me happy's walkin' up to Uncle Sam
Naked, laughing, dick cupped in hand
Screamin', "Fuck safe sex," throw a latex and an AIDS test at him
Tell congress I run this land
And I want the rubber banned
And make it snappy

Elsewhere, Em orders listeners to "Run the faucet, I'm about to dunk a bunch of Trump supporters underwater" amidst other comments to the presidential nominee. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other shocking lyrics and use of his other favourite 'f' word included.

The track was revealed through Twitter this afternoon, with Eminem also taking the time to announce he is at work on a new studio album. While we await further details on that end of things, stand at attention and take in the "Campaign Speech" in the player below.