Emak Bakia Frecuencias de un Rojo Devastador

Emak Bakia is a trio comprised of two members of Migala that confuse the listener right from the start of their third album. Translated as "frequencies of a devastating red,” Frecuencias de un Rojo Devastador begins with an innocent enough acoustic ballad only to transform into something much more complex. Using beats from hip-hop blueprints with scattered samples and warm synths, Emak Bakia achieve a musical resonance that would do well alongside the Warp Records roster. Keeping their guitars intact throughout most of the record, there is a slight feeling of chaos, moving from one track to the next. At times the DJ Shadow hero worship gets a little bit uncomfortable, but they manage to maintain their composure right when hope seems to be fading. "Lineas de codigo de karaoke,” for example, is an astonishing chill-out tune that captures the essence of the best moments from Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and carries the album into a victorious sunset. Highly recommended for those who like IDM with a little something extra. (Acuarela)