Elsa Talk Debut EP, Premiere Video for "In Two"

Elsa Talk Debut EP, Premiere Video for 'In Two'
Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk has proven a knack for taste-making with his One Big Silence label, having released material from the likes of Diamond Rings, Austra, Moon King, Myths and Absolutely Free. Up next is the debut offering from buzzed-about Toronto dream-pop outfit Elsa.

Following a limited, lo-fi cassette released by Not Unlike last year, Elsa's Jonathan Kennedy Rogers expanded the project into a full band for the upcoming I Do EP, recruiting bassist Jesse Mirsky, guitarist Matthew Goldman and drummer Angie Wong.

"We had all been hanging out in Matt's parent's basement getting high, staying up all night playing music," Rogers tells Exclaim! "We were having a great time and thought it sounded good. I had recorded some demos of songs I had and put them on the web as Elsa.... I asked them [the band] if they'd like to play those songs live and they said 'yeah!' We did the shows and they were fun and we just kept playing."

Citing influences like the Church, R.E.M. and Guided By Voices, the group have perfected their wintery dream pop on their four-song I Do EP. After recording an album's worth of material with Beliefs' Josh Korody, the band were approached by Haliechuk after a show at the Drake in Toronto.

"I thought he was great and I knew what he was doing with One Big Silence," Rogers says of Haliechuk. "He reached out after the show and asked if we'd like to do a record. We went back into the studio the following February to record a couple of B-sides. We're very happy with how it turned out."

The EP likely won't be the last we hear from the band, as they've already got plenty more material on the way. "I'd like to release the album we have recorded," Rogers says. "That's the next goal... tour behind it. I'd like to record the next album I have ready as well because I think it's even better and we're growing as a band."

I Do will be available on October 22 via One Big Silence. You can also check out a premiere of the VHS-quality music video for "In Two," which was directed by Colin Medley, below.

I Do:

1. I Do
2. In Two
3. Am I With You?
4. Christine