Elon Musk Is a SoundCloud Artist Now

Grimes is rubbing off on her boyfriend
Elon Musk Is a SoundCloud Artist Now
The end of days has come — Elon Musk is on SoundCloud now.

Yes, today, the mind that brought you Cybertruck has dropped a new track titled "Don't Doubt ur Vibe." At the time of reporting, the song already has 651,000 plays. And yes, that is a Cybertruck on the track's artwork above. 

News comes today via the Tesla founder's Twitter account, where he shared a link to his SoundCloud account Emo G Records.

Now that he's an expectant father, it seems the silicon valley mogul is branching out and trying out a new creative skill set, perhaps in part thanks to his musician baby mama Grimes.

Also, his Twitter name has now inexplicably changed to E "D" M, despite making the billionaire equivalent of lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to.

So far, Musk has only posted one other song to Emo G Records. Apparently, 10 months ago, Musk also released a track titled "RIP Harambe." Listen to that here, if you want.

See his post and listen to his new track "Don't Doubt ur Vibe" below.