Elka Readies 'Chants' for 1080p Collection

Elka Readies 'Chants' for 1080p Collection
Following work under the name ESB, Vancouver producer Elan Benaroch has resurfaced as Elka to deliver a new full-length via 1080p Collection

The release is called Chants, and features 12 new tracks of what the label describes as "introspective house."

Further, the label promises "polyphonics, grumpy beatboxes, tape echoes, relic rackmounts and analog tape to combine solid drum machine rhythms and emotional atmospheres, finding a woozy calm through classic house construction, Detroit and melodic techno cues."

Chants will arrive on May 27 as a cassette and digital download through the label. Until then, you can kick back with the chill "BBX1999" below.


1. Luxere
2. Fairbeat
3. Pass Groove
4. Expander
5. BBX1999
6. Closer
7. Home Alone
8. Jayex Story
9. Excursion 909
10. Silver Beach
11. Couch Trax
12. Heard and Seen