Eliza Gilkyson Your Town Tonight

An astoundingly great but underrated songwriter, Austin’s Eliza Gilkyson has released a captivating live record. Your Town Tonight is sparsely intimate, as Gilkyson tends to her catalogue of songs, contextualising her choices with folksy banter. The daughter of songwriter Terry Gilkyson, she pays tribute by covering his hits "Green Fields” and "Bare Necessities,” and strengthens her connection to master songwriters with an inspired take on Bob Dylan’s "Jokerman.” Unquestionably gifted as a performer, Gilkyson’s own songs are well crafted and delivered with commanding authority. "Dark Side of Town” and "Rose of Sharon” demonstrate how deftly Gilkyson can focus on a specific subject (like love or the Bush White House) and render it with taste and subtlety. The story of Elvis Presley is told in "Tennessee Road” but the casual listener would never know it. With the punk presence of Lucinda Williams or Patti Smith, Eliza Gilkyson has an honest, genuine aura that is laid bare on Your Town Tonight. (Red House)