Eleventh Dream Day Encourage Listeners to Riot Now! on New LP

Eleventh Dream Day Encourage Listeners to <i>Riot Now!</i> on New LP
Although the band's output has slowed in recent years, indie rock fans can still count on underground veterans Eleventh Dream Day to release a new LP every few years. On March 15, the Tortoise-affiliated Chicago group will put out their tenth album, Riot Now!, via Thrill Jockey.

According to a press release, the disc is "a call back to the urgency of 1988's Prairie School Freakout, with a string of mostly first takes tracked in one session with few overdubs." In addition to evoking the group's early work, the album promises to offer a "more modern tone that moves beyond simple nostalgia."

Riot Now! is reportedly steeped in social and political commentary, criticizing America's desire for change but unwillingness to take radical action. If you'd like a visual representation of this political message, just see the supermarket scene depicted in the album cover above. The tracklist is below.

Riot Now!:

1. "Damned Tree"
2. "Cold Steel Grey"
3. "Satellite"
4. "That's What's Coming"
5. "Divining for Water"
6. "Tall Man"
7. "Sonic Reactor"
8. "Away with Words"
9. "Maybe This Time"