Electronic Artists Pay Tribute To Bowie With Life Beyond Mars

Electronic Artists Pay Tribute To Bowie With <i>Life Beyond Mars</i>
Through much of David Bowie’s career, electronic music and the Thin White Duke have gone hand in hand. From the Berlin trilogy to his new wave ’80s output to his drum and bass exploration on Earthling, he’s often shown a love for the genre, embracing elements here and there to boost whatever new persona is tickling his fancy. However, as electronically orientated as many of Bowie’s songs have been, a new tribute comp is about to make them even more so.

Titled Life Beyond Mars: Bowie Covered, the soon-to-be-released collection of covers will be giving many of Bowie’s songs a new electro-inspired make-over. Tapping artists such as Carl Craig, Matthew Dear, Au Revoir Simone and Joakim & the Disco, the 12-track compilation will feature a cross-section of tracks from various points in Bowie’s career. The songs range from "Life On Mars” (the Thing) to "Be My Wife” (Richard Walters & Faultline) to "Sound & Vision” (Matthew Dear) and "Golden Years” (Susumu Yokota).

Also notably featured on the album is a spaced-out disco version of Bowie/Goblin King’s "Magic Dance” from the ’80s film, Labyrinth. And while the new cover by Kelley Polar loses the backing goblin chorus, it is done is now sung in Italian, which will thankfully hide all the "babe with the power/you do voodoo” lines.

Life Beyond Mars, which has its own website with audio samples you can check out here, is out July 8 on Rapster.

Here is the tracklising:

1 Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things
2 Heartbreak - Loving The Alien
3 Kelley Polar - Magic Dance
4 Leo Minor - Ashes To Ashes
5 Carl Craig Presents Zoos of Berlin - Looking For Water
6 Drew Brown - Sweet Thing
7 Matthew Dear - Sound & Vision
8 Susumu Yokota - Golden Years
9 The Emperor Machine - Repetition
10 Joakim & The Disco - A New Career In Town
11 Richard Walters & Faultline - Be My Wife
12 The Thing - Life On Mars