Electric Sunset Electric Sunset

Like it or not, summer is over and so to is the heyday of the unfortunately named chillwave genre. Following some stand-out 2009 releases by the likes of Memory Tapes, Neon Indian and Washed Out, we've already fast-forwarded to chillwave's, well, second wave. And as new releases like Electric Sunset's self-titled debut increasingly prove, the genre is showing few signs of growth. For this project, led by West coast songwriter/producer Nic Zwart (formerly of Desolation Wilderness), once again we're back to copying and pasting the indie trends du jour: an obsession with reverb, tropical rhythms, lo-fi electronics and that done-to-the-death summer vibe. That's not to say Zwart can't pen a catchy hook or two, or that he doesn't have a knack for some warm, inviting production. But if you're looking for an album that does more than simply cherry pick from its predecessors, you'll want to look elsewhere. (K)