Electric Soft Parade Holes In The Wall

Making records really shouldn't be this easy. The Electric Soft Parade is a duo from Brighton, England, comprised of brothers Alex and Tom White. Alex (the singer and guitarist) is only 19, while Tom (the drummer and main songwriter) is a measly 17. It's enough to make you sick, and then you put on their debut, Holes In The Wall, and instantly you forgive them. The initial reaction is something like, "Oh, it sounds like early Radiohead with a touch of Suede and a bit of Supergrass's young spunk." However, after closely examining the craftsmanship, it isn't so. Each song on the album is a well-crafted piece of guitar-based pop, with light hints of synthesiser. "Silent To The Dark" is one of those honest and touching songs that makes couples bond, and then it turns its back on the listener and goes on for over nine minutes with sheer electronically muffled noise that strips it of any commercial appeal, making it an even better song. Other songs, like "Sleep Alone" and "Biting The Soles Of My Feet," two more warm and fuzzy numbers, manage to sound ace and far out because of some spacy Syd Barrett-esque noises. Holes In The Wall is a very impressive debut album. (db)