Electric Music AKA The Resurrection Show

Electric Music AKA (not to be confused with Kraftwerk spin-off Electric Music who insisted on the addition of the "AKA”) are a pair of Scottish audio experimenters who like to play with sound. They might share the same cut and paste philosophy as the likes of the Avalanches, but that is where the similarities end because The Resurrection Show shares more musically with Eels, with sweeter vocals and less cynical songs. The sampled sounds are merely the icing on the cake instead of the framework on which every song is built. This, their second album, is a laid-back affair that relies on songs that creep up on you slowly rather than winning you over on that first listen with a cheap hook. Each and every song has a lot going on sonically and it is those little touches that makes this such an interesting record. And that can help compensate on the songs that aren’t quite so strong. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to The Resurrection Show and those willing to invest the necessary time will be amply rewarded. (Sanctuary)