El Perro del Mar to Return with 'Pale Fire' LP, Shares New Track

El Perro del Mar to Return with 'Pale Fire' LP, Shares New Track
Two years after delivering Love Is Not Pop, which we called "one of her strongest releases yet," Swedish songstress El Perro del Mar is ready to give us another disc. The musician has just relaunched her website to announce her next set, Pale Fire.

There's not too much on the website besides a picture of her chillin' out with her weimaraner and an ETA of the album's release (sometime in 2012), but her Tumblr account gives a little more detail on her current headspace.

The artist unveiled a politically minded new track, "What Do You Expect," which was influenced by this summer's UK riots. In a brief message, she explains her reasoning behind crafting the broadcast-news-sampling dance tune.

"Around the time of the riots flaring across the UK, I was wrapped up in work on an album which in many ways is about living in a time where there's little hope, little future and what times like these do to people. I felt I needed to say something about the incidents since I feel they speak volumes not only of one society in specific but about the society and time we live in at large."

Neither a tracklisting nor a firm release date has been unveiled at present, but more info is sure to follow. In the meantime, you can give "What Do You Expect" a spin below.

What Do You Expect by El Perro Del Mar