Ektomorf Instinct

Hungarian groove metal act Ektomorf have had enough of being compared to Sepultura, and by logical extension Soulfly. So I figured with this new disc — their sixth — they might pull a few new tricks out of their hats to finally lay to rest the constant comparisons to their obvious influences. But clearly this band are not going to be changing anytime soon; with the repetitive grooves, huge choruses, simplistic lyrics, right down to the camo and dreads look and the addition of some ethnic sounds, it’s clear what’s happening here. Thing is, in a way it’s better than anything either Sepultura or Soulfly have done in years; Ektomorf lack the gimmicky and lowest common denominator appeal of the latter and the general mid-tempo nothingness that the former indulges in so relentlessly these days. Thing is, I’m always interested in hearing a new Sepultura disc, even if I don’t end up enjoying it. At this point, I’m not too excited when word begins to spread of a new Ektomorf release. Disenchanted fans of the above bands may find solace in Instinct, but don’t set those hopes too high. (Nuclear Blast)