Ekoda Map "Pastels"

Ekoda Map 'Pastels'
Ekoda Map is the latest incarnation of producer Tom Bardwell, and Exclaim.ca has got the exclusive premiere of his latest single. The American-born, French-raised, UK-based electronic musician will release his latest EP Fathers & Sons on February 24 via Abandon Building, but you can stream the bubbly new track "Pastels" right now.
Starting off airily, the track gets filled in with a vibrant backbeat of drums and synths, highlighting a sound that draws "from organic and synthetic elements in equal measure."
"In the same sense that being shipped around the world can leave an individual with a hazy take on the world 'home,' Ekoda Map's sound is hard to define," reads a recent press statement. "Yet [it] is somehow made uniform by a palate of sounds that allow him to glaze each track with his own distinctive veneer."
You can hear an example of his glossy blend of electronica, post-rock and hip-hop by streaming "Pastels" below. You can also hear the single's B-side "Tubbs McGee" over at Ekoda Map's Bandcamp page.