EForce Evil Forces

That stupid band name isn’t really gonna reel ‘em in, but the damn near perfect thrash this band pumps out should. EForce of course features Eric Forrest, he who spent time with legends Voivod over the past few releases (you know, the albums you forgot about?). With his ousting from Voivod comes his new project, EForce (can’t find the pentagram key on my computer right now, but there should be one separating the E and F there!), and I’ll be damned if this isn’t just as good as the latest ‘vod platter, Forrest assembling a more than capable gaggle of musicians to put together what essentially sounds like the natural progression from his Voivod work; straight-faced (at points, unbearably so; even during cuts like "Satanic Rituals”!), vaguely sci-fi or prog or something in some way no one can pin down (something to do with weird sounding chords now and then), and, most importantly, this shit is almost memorable. Every time I put it on I’m in thrash heaven but, still, I can’t seem to stop forgetting to put it on. Kind of like Voivod’s Phobos. Go figure. (Season of Mist)