Edmonton's Cantor Records Resurrects 1973 Noise Rock Rarity Daily Dance

Edmonton's Cantor Records Resurrects 1973 Noise Rock Rarity <i>Daily Dance</i>
Several decades ago, guitarist Doug Snyder and drummer Bob Thompson met at a Stooges concert in Ohio. Soon after, in 1972, the pair set up in Thompson's kitchen to bash out seven jams of improvised guitar-and-drum mayhem. The result was Daily Dance, a cult classic bordering on post-punk that helped build the framework for the current crop of experimental noise rock bands. Trouble is, the album has always been incredibly difficult to find.

Enter Edmonton's Cantor Records, a relatively new label specializing in lost avant-garde recordings from the '60s to the '80s. The label stepped in to bring this lost classic to the masses with a remastered vinyl reissue. Released earlier this month, the record includes a digital download and 20-page booklet.

As the press release explains, "Daily Dance is a genuinely unique artifact from rural Ohio; a mythical frenzy of distorted guitar and improvised drums that create walls of psychedelic noise. Originally released in 1973, its sound is unparalleled for its time and precedes its closest kin, New York's no-wave explosion, by a solid five years."

To order Daily Dance, go here. A sample of the album can be found here. Daily Dance:

1. "Daily Dance"
2. "Living With the Crocodiles"
3. "Time Overlaps Itself"
4. "Soul and Universe"
5. "Hit and Run"
6. "Truth is a Pathless Land"
7. "Teenage Emergency"