Editions Mego Expand with New Spectrum Spools Imprint

Editions Mego Expand with New Spectrum Spools Imprint
As the home of Emeralds and Fennesz, among others, Editions Mego is one of the best imprints around for forward-thinking experimental music. Now, the imprint has revealed that it will branch out even further with a new sub-label called Spectrum Spools.

Like its parent label, the new imprint has the sort of name that makes you sound like a wizard from a children's fantasy story when you say it out loud. Also like Editions Mego, Spectrum Spools will be dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sound. A press release explains that the label will peddle "current, past and future electronic music works of the highest quality."

The label has already announced its inaugural releases. A Sort of Radiance is an album from Chicago's Fabric, which, according to the label, possesses "perplexing depth and astounding detail." The other release is Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico from Bee Mask, which is described as "an elaborate and captivating work, a soundtrack to an event shrouded in mystery and beauty, at once larger than life in its grandeur and cryptic in its reserve."

 Both albums will be released on limited vinyl and will ship in early March. They can be pre-ordered on the Editions Mego site.

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