Eddie Vedder Sued over Into the Wild Soundtrack

Eddie Vedder Sued over <i>Into the Wild</i> Soundtrack
Gordon Peterson may not be a name that is familiar to most people, but the Ontario singer-songwriter did release one album in 1989 under the name Indio that spawned a radio hit. The album was Big Harvest, and the song was "Hard Sun." More recently, that song was covered by grunge guru Eddie Vedder for the soundtrack to Sean Penn's Into the Wild.

Now, Peterson is suing the Pearl Jam front-man for his cover. The main reason for the lawsuit? Vedder changed a few of the song's lyrics. According to a report from WENN.com, Peterson has filed a lawsuit saying that the changed lyrics were responsible for "eroding the integrity of the composition." He also accused Universal Music of licensing the song without his permission.

Speaking with the New York Post, Vedder's lawyer Greg Clarick said "We don't see any basis for a copyright infringement claim."

As an elusive artist who virtually disappeared after his only album came out, some could argue that Peterson may just want a piece of Vedder's vast grunge empire.