Ed Roman Explores Dyslexia in Animated "Red Omen" Video

Ed Roman Explores Dyslexia in Animated 'Red Omen' Video
Ontario-based indie-folk rocker Ed Roman manages to blend everything from folk, rock, pop, country and even more across his musical spectrum. Although he rolled out his latest album, Red Omen, back in 2016, he's still offering fans new content from the record with a new animated music video for the title track. 

The video for "Red Omen" is helping raise money for a cause that's highly important to Roman, with proceeds being donated to the Whole Dyslexic Society. Roman is dyslexic himself and refers to his condition as "The Gift," with the song and video both being inspired by the differences in a dyslexic person's mind.  

"From the inception and creation of this song I always foresaw 'Red Omen' as a cartoon or animation short that illustrates the story of woven fantasy and allegory from the imaginative mind, struggles and life of a dyslexic," says Roman.

The Whole Dyslexic Society aims to deliver a coordinated approach to addressing the needs of people with dyslexia as well as their families and communities while ensuring a safe place for accelerated learning, education, social interaction and more. The musician further elaborates on his fundraising goal saying he hopes it can lead to discussions with education ministers about how to better support people with dyslexia. 

"Ultimately with the public's support in fundraising we can assist a lot of children but my bigger hope is that we can open a dialogue with ministries of education to incorporate these basic dyslexic tutoring methods into early education. Currently these methods are in practice in 56 nations around the world but not in Canada or the United States which is where the programs were created," says Roman.

Check out the animated video for "Red Omen" below.