Echo Kitty Aimer la Moto

When I put Aimer la Moto in the CD player, I make sure nobody is around because I always feel the urge to dance like a robot. Sure, it can be funny, but sometimes it's not a pleasant sight and it can get very ugly. Echo Kitty is a supergroup from Quebec City, featuring musicians from the Alterflow collective. Xavier Paradis (Arnaud Lazlaud) and Hans Gauthier (Chernobyl Cha-Cha) each provides both vocals and keyboards, while Jean-Fran├žois Hell (Terminus B, Orchertre Minimale du 8e, Chernobyl Cha-Cha) plays space guitar and supplies vocals. The disc begins with "Aimer la Moto," a French song about motorcycles that clearly establishes what Echo Kitty is all about: clever lyrics, late '70s Gary Numan-like keyboard sounds and lots of hand claps. The second track, "Shelvis," is a kick-ass song with a beat not unlike what the Cramps got us used to. It tells the tale of what happened to Elvis - he faked his own death because he wanted a sex change and he now lives under the name of Shelvis. The last track, "Stretch-Vengeresse," is a keyboard-oriented instrumental number reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder. If you're not afraid of becoming a closet robot dance fan like myself, I recommend Aimer la Moto. If this release gets popular enough, more and more people will do the robot dance and I won't feel embarrassed to be pointed at when I try my new moves at the local dance club. (Afterflow)