Eau de Hippie: Devendra Banhart Teams Up with Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti for "Extreme Cologne" New Band

Eau de Hippie: Devendra Banhart Teams Up with Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti for 'Extreme Cologne' New Band
Even though he keeps releasing new albums, including the recent What Will We Be, freak folk survivor Devendra Banhart is much more interesting in regards to his collaborative efforts lately. From remixing Phoenix to making new tracks with GZA, Banhart's been a busy hippie in 2009. Now, he's announced the development of an, er, cologne, co-released with the Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti.

Speaking with NME, Banhart said, "I have an extreme cologne coming out with Fab Moretti," adding that the product is called Ninja Smell and will be released next year.

Banhart went on to describe the planned ad campaign for the spray. "[In the commercial] we have a band called Permanent Adventure and we wear helmets, and we have contact mics on the helmets. And we run at each other, and that's the percussive element. And then I say, 'What are you on?' and he says, 'I'm on a permanent adventure.' And that's the scope of the ad campaign where we're selling our product, which is extreme cologne."

There's a chance he was joking, but knowing Banhart, he's probably not. He also mentioned that Moretti's side-project, Little Joy, would be releasing another album in 2010. Banhart didn't discuss any new solo material, but at this point that's pretty inconsequential, as most people are only paying attention to his wacky antics.

UPDATE: Sorry to disappoint you, but "the collaboration is real, the cologne is not," Banhart's publicist told Pitchfork. This means it looks as if we're getting yet another project by Banhart, apparently called Permanent Adventure, and no extreme cologne, which we're guessing would have been a lot more interesting.