Earthless Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky

Amalgamating a love of Black Sabbath’s fuzzy, ominous proto-metal, Blue Cheer’s gritty drive and Jimi Hendrix’s penchant for drawn-out jams steeped in blues riffing, Earthless’s Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky is the stuff only altered states of consciousness can realise. Drawn out, lumbering and, to a degree, masturbatory, this three-song, hour-long marathon of psychedelic Big Muff riffing, squealing Orange amps and zero vocals (aside from the final cover tune where the harmonies are eloquent and appealing) is the perfect throwback to’70s evenings of basement bedrooms and black lights, as well as Sleep’s predilection for elongating a particularly juicy groove. It also elicits nostalgia for the likes of fellow instrumental groovers Karma To Burn, were one to leave the turntable on 33 1/3 instead of the requisite 45. Depending on the depth of the listener’s patience, "Godspeed” (divided into five "suites,” as it were), "Sonic Prayer” and "Cherry Red” can be otherworldly soundtracks of experimentation or grating indulgences. Regardless, it’s quite the interesting celestial ride from former members of the rockin’ Rocket From The Crypt, Black Heart Procession and a guy from Tony Alva’s skate team. (Tee Pee)