Earl Sweatshirt Accuses Taylor Swift of "Perpetuating Black Stereotypes" in New Video

Earl Sweatshirt Accuses Taylor Swift of 'Perpetuating Black Stereotypes' in New Video
Country-leaning pop megastar Taylor Swift recently announced her forthcoming 1989 album, and with it she revealed the video "Shake It Off." Like many recent pop videos, it borrows heavily from hip-hop culture. Thus, like those other videos, it's drawn criticism for cultural appropriation. One such critic is Odd Future rap dude Earl Sweatshirt.

On his Twitter, Sweatshirt admitted that he hasn't yet watched the video. He said he doesn't need to, however, as he knows it's "inherently offensive and ultimately harmful."

The rapper went on to accuse the video of "perpetuating black stereotypes."

As these debates tend to go, the Twitter feed is split down the middle between those who side with Earl Sweatshirt and those (militant fans) who side with Taylor Swift. If you'd like to make up your own mind, you can watch the video in question below.