Earache To Release NWOBHM Tribute Comp

Earache To Release NWOBHM Tribute Comp
Fans of the classic late '70s/early '80s metal sound should mark February 16, 2009 on their calendars. That's the day independent extreme music label Earache Records has set for the release of their new compilation. Titled Heavy Metal Killers, the album is a collection of current bands maintaining the tradition of hard music as originated by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) in the late '70s.

The NWOBHM featured acts such as Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Def Leppard and Saxon, and was renowned for its tougher, slightly more aggressive approach to metal than its influences: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. It is also accredited as the main influence on the thrash metal movement responsible for Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer.

In celebration of the NWOBHM's 30th anniversary, Earache has compiled 13 bands from its roster and dubbed them the "New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal." Fresh acts, including Canada's Cauldron (Heavy Metal Killers marks their debut release for Earache), Powervice, White Wizzard and Enforcer, offer their take on reviving the glory days of soaring vocals, epic, dynamic tunes and wailin' guitar solos.

The full track-listing for Heavy Metal Killers:

Powervice "Behold The Hand Of Glory"

White Wizzard "High Speed GTO"

Cauldron "Chained Up In Chains"

Ram "Sudden Impact"

Enforcer "Mistress Of Hell"

H.O.D. "Kicked To The Kerb"

Crowning Glory " Sea Of Dead Dreams"

Portrait "A Thousand Nightmares"

Celtic Legacy "Live By The Sword"

Alltheniko "Feel The Power"

Voltax "Steel Maker"

In Solitude "Witches Sabbath"

Cast Iron "Running From The Law"

Heavy Metal Killers will be released on CD as well as a limited-edition vinyl in black, red, blue and white. For more information/to hear a few of the tracks from the compilation, visit  the album's MySpace page.

Hopefully one of these bands sound as cool as original NWOBHM underdogs Tank (see below).

Tank "Heavy Artillery" and "Turn Your Head Around"