Earache Gets Napalm Death, A.C., Brutal Truth for 'The World's Shortest Album'

Earache Gets Napalm Death, A.C., Brutal Truth for 'The World's Shortest Album'
If you have a few seconds to spare, iconic UK imprint Earache Records is about to celebrate some of the most micro metal tunes ever recorded with its upcoming The World's Shortest Album compilation, featuring the likes of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and more. You can pick up the collection on Record Store Day (April 20).

The 13-song 5-inch record clocks in at a whopping 83 seconds, not including the time it takes to flip the mini-platter, of course. It all kicks off with Napalm Death's classic Scum track "You Suffer," which, at less than two seconds long, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "shortest recorded song ever."

Miraculously, there was enough room to squeeze in another two Napalm Death cuts ("Dead," "Your Achievement"), as well as tracks from the likes of Brutal Truth, A.C., Wormrot, Painkiller, Morbid Angel and Lawnmower Death. Insect Warfare's compilation closer "Street Sweeper" is the epic of the set, coming in at 13.5 seconds. You can see the tracklisting details down below.

The 5-inch is being served up with a gatefold sleeve, and will likely feature liner notes that'll take at least twice as long to read as it takes to listen to the curt collection. You can see the artwork up above.

The World's Shortest Album:

Side A:

1. Napalm Death - "You Suffer" (1.9s)

2. Napalm Death - "Dead" (2.7s)

3. Napalm Death - "Your Achievement" (4.2s)

4. Wormrot - "False Grind Sodomy" (2.5s)

5. Wormrot - "You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem" (4.0s)

6. Brutal Truth - "Collateral Damage" (4.0s)

7. A.C. - "Howard Wulkan's Bald" (4.0s)

Side B:

1. Lawnmower Deth - "Be Scene Not Heard" (4.7s)

2. Painkiller - "Trailmarker" (6.0s)

3. Brutal Truth - "Blockhead" (7.3s)

4. Morbid Angel - "Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava" (6.9s)

5. A.C. - "Windchimes Are Gay" (9.5s)

6. Insect Warfare - "Street Sweeper" (13.5s)