Eames Era Double Dutche

The Eames Era make no pretence about what they are — a pop band; they are completely unforgiving about it too. They’ve covered the sleeve of their debut album, Double Dutch, with candy stripes and they sing about girly things like love and stuff. And they are very good at it. They’ve already drilled directly into the public subconscious by having a song from their magnificent debut EP ("Could Be Anything”) featured in an episode of hit show Grey’s Anatomy and there’s probably a dozen other television shows that could benefit from their cute, happy, shiny pop songs. Double Dutch is relentless in its attack, delivering one upbeat song after another with barely a breath in between. It was probably too much to ask that they’d be able to sustain that initial burst of pop goodness throughout the whole album. And unfortunately it is — things lag in the middle section with a couple of weak songs, before picking up again at the end. The good stuff though really does outweigh the bad, with memorable songs and lovely vocals from Ashlin Phillips, so it is a little hard to complain. Quite simply, the Eames Era have a real knack for catchy pop music and that skill will likely take them a long, long way. (C-Student)