Dynamic Syncopation Dynamism

Dynamic Syncopation is the Loop Professor and Jonny Cuba, who is known for his remix work with the Herbaliser. Dynamic Syncopation shares that group’s orientation toward hip-hop infused instrumental tracks and transatlantic artistic liaisons; they even recruit one half of Herbaliser, Ollie Teeba, to man the decks on the title track. Subterranean MCs like Yeshua de POed and Atlanta’s Mass Influence liberally sprinkle rhymes throughout, turning in especially fine respective performances on “Losing Your Soul” and “Dedicated.” But the MCs are really only added seasoning to an already meticulously prepared vision. The brassy snippets melded with muted rock strains and turntablist antics on the limber “Bahian B-Boy” maintain a steady balance between order and improvisation, underlining this duo’s skill in constructing tasteful and consistently engaging arrangements. (Zen)