Dustin Wong "Speed Feathers Staring" (video)

Dustin Wong 'Speed Feathers Staring' (video)
Weirdo guitar guru Dustin Wong just sent another spiralling po-mo whirl of guitar textures titled Mediation of Ecstatic Energy our way this fall and has now served up a suitably obtuse video clip to accompany the album's "Speed Feathers Staring."

Scored by Wong's polyrhythmic fretboard activity, synth blips and mild pizzicato string work, the video features a kaleidoscopic backdrop of steadily morphing colours and shapes, with a random series of pen-crafted squiggles occasionally tossed into the mix. You'll note that Wong's silhouette eventually surfaces through the haze, and you can see him ecstatically drink in the panoply of busy visuals down below.

Wong also has a bunch of U.S. tour on the horizon, which team him with the Dodos as well as collaborator Takako Minekawa, and you can check out the schedule over here

Dustin Wong - Speeding Feathers Staring from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.