Dungeonesse "Nightlight" (video)

Dungeonesse 'Nightlight' (video)
While the self-titled debut from Wye Oak member Jenn Wasner's side-project Dungeonesse is rife with club-bumpin', early '90s-era Top 40, the singer keeps things introverted on new single "Nightlight."

Instead of hitting the dancefloor for the night, we see Wassner kickin' it under the covers at home, looking wistful as she fingers through a book of pressed leaves. Her lace-lined cocoon is then juxtaposed against the dome-shaped wriggle of a jellyfish. The intoxicating slow jam, meanwhile, flirts with touches of dream pop and recalls the Cocteau Twins.

You can catch all the aforementioned action — or, arguably, intentional lack thereof — down below.