Dub Rocket Robo Dub

Dub Rocket has been a mysterious presence in Toronto's dub scene for many years, spinning mostly neo-roots styles heavy on the processing. This sensibility is extended to his debut disc, "Robo" Dub. This is exactly as you would expect it to sound, a digital dub workout. It sounds like it was done completely solo and at home, but also that he found the sound he was looking to get. Hi-fi it's not, but it is full of ideas. Dub Rocket doesn't shy away from grainy, pitched samples and textures and from the opening song "Medication,” it sounds as though the disc might be something like early Cabaret Voltaire meets Jah Shaka. There are many techno-roots throw-downs like "One Dove" and "Night Shift" that have the bathed-in-delay "robotiks” sound associated with Mad Professor. Other stately, dirge-like tunes change up the groove — like his tribute to Shaka "Hymn Self.” Most intriguing is the electro-Nyabinghi weirdness of "the Buffalo Jump" featuring some slithering bass harmonics. This record may not sound professionally mastered, but it will definitely fit right in to any mix of modern steppers dub. Some grooves are a little barren of sustained variation, but there are many fine tracks that make this a very commendable release. (Independent)