Du Blonde "Mind Is on My Mind" (ft. Samuel T. Herring)

Du Blonde 'Mind Is on My Mind' (ft. Samuel T. Herring)
When Du Blonde detailed her forthcoming album Welcome Back to Milk, the tracklist included one notable guest contributor: Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring. Now, his contribution has been unveiled, since the UK songwriter also known as Beth Jean Houghton has shared "Mind Is on My Mind."

The tune sports a rock'n'roll stomp, but this plays out with lots of prog-pop quirks. As the electric guitars crescendo dramatically, Herring takes over on the microphone in the final minute. He starts out with dramatic, Broadway-ready croons, but he finishes off with a gravelly, aggressive growl.

Listen below. Welcome Back to Milk is due out on May 19 on Mute.