Drummer Brooks Wackerman Exits Bad Religion

Drummer Brooks Wackerman Exits Bad Religion
Fifteen years after first sitting behind the kit with Bad Religion, drummer Brooks Wackerman has confirmed that he has left the long-running punk rock band.

The news came yesterday (October 27) through Wackerman's Twitter account. In it, he confirmed that following "15 years, 6 records and countless tours," he has plans to "pursue another path." The move doesn't appear to be acrimonious, with the percussionist using the public forum to fondly recall the good times.
  Wackerman joined the Cali-bred melodic hardcore crew in 2000. He came in to replace Bobby Schayer, who had been felled with a serious shoulder injury that left him unable to perform with the band.

Wackerman's first album with Bad Religion was 2002's The Process of Belief. Though the band last issued the Christmas Songs collection, the last proper LP from the act was 2013's True North.

Bad Religion's plans post-Wackerman have yet to be revealed, but now former bandmates Jay Bentley (bass) and Greg Graffin (vocals) wished him luck.
  Wackerman's next step has likewise yet to be revealed. In the past, he'd played drums for the Vandals, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and more.