Driveway Driveway

It must be something in our water, because Canadian rockers can’t help but embrace country music eventually. Driveway is the latest project from former MAdE members Jason Taylor and Chris Sytnyk, who emerge here as if in the past five years they have been listening to nothing but Ryan Adams, the Jayhawks and Lucinda Williams. The good news is that they have managed to write some great songs without appearing like alt-country dilettantes. The album starts off strong with slow-groovers "Tomorrow,” "Unlucky Man,” and "Angels,” and keeps up a high standard throughout the remainder, despite veering off into Pete Yorn territory at times ("Revolving”). Subtle use of pedal steel and banjo adds a lot to the mix, and Taylor’s voice is surprisingly suited to the material, considering his rock past. Sure, it will all sound familiar to even the average alt-country fan, but Driveway still make a strong case to be part of the club, and at the very least have crafted one of the best Canadian roots-rock releases of the year so far. (Curve)