Driller Killer Cold Cheap & Disconnected

It's unfathomable, but this is Driller Killer's sixth full-length album (they've been together for nine years now). The band plays an enjoyable mixture of grindcore and old school hardcore. Nope, despite the name, there is no gore-grind to be found here (oh but how the lines can blur between all these micro-genres). It's an odd mixture really, but one that works well and helps keep the festivities rolling along at an enjoyable pace; when the straight-faced grindcore gets tiresome, the band dusts off the catchy and simplistic hardcore riffs we all know and occasionally love. The band's power is impressive, with each tune being delivered with a "running forward, never-going to stop" kind of intensity. Not much in the way of depth or innovation, and it can be tiresome and grating if the listener isn't in the right mood, but in general, Cold Cheap & Disconnected works well. (Osmose)