Dredger Pullin' Out the Jive

That is some miserable cover art. Straight outta Whiterock, BC, comes Dredger, a group of four young and wacky dudes who sound like they're definitely having a fun time. They have a pretty original sound, with a big groove and several different vocal styles (most of which really annoy), but it doesn't sound like Korn, don't worry. Try a more metal Primus or a less brilliant Faith No More. Their lyrics range from goofy stories to more serious issues. However, an overall "zany" vibe prevails and destroys the album, making it grating and annoying, not unlike Primus. Maybe it has a bit too much youthful energy. Alas, the lads can play their instruments and are on to something a bit different here, so check it out if you are into big grooves and a fun time. Count me out, though, and for crying out loud, look at that cover art! (Independent)