Dreamburger "Pitbull Terrier"

Dreamburger 'Pitbull Terrier'
The name alone is making me hungry, and I think it's admirable that they actually use a tasty looking burger in the band's motif. Dreamburger (mmm...) are a trio from NYC who have had to post a message on their MySpace page to convince people they are for real (it's like McDonald's proving they're 100% beef!). I love the message they wrote on their blog:

"are we 4 real ?

some peeps have been wondering if were for real

but this is NO JOKE

we take ourselves + music so so seriously

reggaeton + punk + gab + + hc rap + humiliation = perfect combo

were fucking serious dude get over it


They have the gall to open new single "Pitbull Terrier" (out on the fab IHeartComix label) with a soothing flute rendition of "Amazing Grace," and then kick it into high gear with some disorderly air horns and a nasty reggaeton beat. Fewer transitions have ever been so offensive to the God-fearing public. Their rhyming skills are adorably amateur, but something tells me from the Irie phrasing and rather uncomplicated vocabulary that they're conscious of their skills. Sure, it's all as genuine as a Big Xtra (umm, isn't that just a Whopper?), but Dreamburger make me wanna rip all my clothes off and do the Dirty Wind - and trust me, there are a limited number of artists out there with that ability.

Dreamburger live in London