The-Dream Sets August Release for 'Love IV MMXII'

The-Dream Sets August Release for 'Love IV MMXII'
Sexed-driven R&B producer/singer The-Dream was supposed to drop his The Love IV: Diary of a Madman way back in September, but after a series of delays, the man born Terius Nash has announced the LP will finally arrive August 14. It looks as if the disc has got a name change, though, and shall now be dubbed Love IV MMXII.

The musician took to his Twitter account yesterday (May 16) to deliver the news, explaining "LOVE IV is the BEST Album I've made. I don't care what the sales will be. I will do my best to Challenge your Taste And Knowledge."

The generally smoothed-out producer then went on a bit of a confusing Twitter rant, calling out haters for not believing in his music.

"I will Leave no Holes in this Album Period, no room to be Hated only Adored or simply just say 'you don't fuck with me' but what U won't Say is Dream Album is Mediocre or Sucks," he wrote. "I will Never Be your Star I'm to G and to Westside for that. I will never Sellout Arenas Because Since Love/Hate [The-Dream's 2007 debut] I didn't Sellout! And no matter how much you hate me you got to Respect that!"

A tracklisting has yet to be revealed, but fans have previously been treated to videos for new numbers "Kill the Lights" and "Roc." Despite delivering his 1977 mixtape under his birth name last year, this will be the first The-Dream record since 2010's Love King.