Drake Imposter Fools Pennsylvania Venue

Drake Imposter Fools Pennsylvania Venue
Between his smooth flow and boy-next-door charm, Drake has won over many people these past couple of years. As it turns out, dudes that only kind of look like him are reaping the benefits of Drizzy's fame too: a man posing as the hip-hop star and an entourage claiming to be his management allegedly swindled a Pennsylvania venue.

The management at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA was recently victimized by the phonies, who attempted to book two shows for the end of May, according to an Associated Press report. Men posing as Drake's manager, tour manager and even on guy claiming to be Drizzy himself initially convinced the theatre of their legitimacy, but their scheme soon unravelled.

Theatre president Richard Berkowitz put the kibosh on the gigs when he began suspecting something fishy was going down. He claims what tipped him off was when the Virginia-based booking agency that arranged the gigs started asking for a cut of the ticket price.

Berkowitz cancelled both sold-out shows, offering a full refund to ticket buyers. The matter has since been reported to the police.

Drake has yet to comment on the fraudulent affair.