​Drake Calls Out Coachella-Area Country Club for Discrimination

He claims the staff at the Madison Club treat guests based on racial profiling
​Drake Calls Out Coachella-Area Country Club for Discrimination
Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald
Drake made a huge surprise cameo during Future's Coachella set this weekend, but his festival-going experience has since taken a sour turn. The Canadian rapper took to Instagram early this morning (April 17), blasting a local Coachella-area country club for implementing discriminatory policies.
In his latest post, he called the Madison Club "the most offensive place I have ever stayed at in my life," accusing the staff members of picking and choosing "who they are going to accommodate based on racial profiling."

The Madison Club has yet to respond to Drake's comments. According to their website, the establishment is described as "the most exclusive private residential community in La Quinta, California."  It offers a limited number of homes and memberships, calling itself a "modern interpretation of California's classic old-line country clubs."