Drail The Circus

The unity of glam-induced punk rock’n’roll in the vein of Backyard Babies with shoegazing indie rock, à la Goo-era Sonic Youth, seems like one of the most unlikely occurrences, a horrific Frankenstein tampering of polar opposites. Well, punk, it happened. Somehow, Drail pull this off on The Circus in a way that makes them seem all the brighter for actually blending such disparate forces over the course of 11 tracks. Mid-tempo songs lumber along at an acceptable pace, churning out the aforementioned glam-esque, hooky riffs. But just as the band seem pegged in with the mascara-clad, leather pants-wearin’ masses, they utilise a moderate dissonance and slacker-ish, strung-out vocal delivery that hit like a ton of bricks steamrolling in from leftfield. Drenching the ensuing salvo of open chords with heaps of reverb, it almost seems as if Thurston Moore was either producing or scratching at the door for admittance. After the initial jar wears off though, The Circus proves itself almost as interesting as it is bold. Lyrically, the band sticks to tried and true elements: personal experiences yielding pseudo-insightful views of life and love. But with a few more kicks at the can, Drail may very well carve out an infrequently visited niche for themselves. (OD Incorporated)