The Dragons BFI

The Dragons’ story starts in the late '’60s. Three brothers, Doug, Daryl and Dennis Dragon, are living in California and have just been exposed to the mind-altering properties of psychedelic rock. Before long, they decide it’s time they record a psych masterpiece of their own: BFI. The major labels don’t buy it and it’s shelved for the next 37 years. Enter Ninja Tune in 2007. The label’s DJ Food has found a lost Dragons track called "Food for My Soul"” on a 500-run private pressing. It'’s a stunning track, equipped with a male lead, backing soul singers, pulsing organs and the type of tight-wound beats that modern-day sample artists die for. Food emails Dennis. A reply states there’'s a whole album full of this stuff and BFI is finally released. So, is it the masterpiece the Dragons hoped for? Absolutely. Sounding like nothing from the past or present, BFI is brimming with complex, innovative arrangements that are part soul, part rock and all original. BFI truly does sound like a lost classic, one that shows it’s never too later for second chances. (Ninja Tune)